Friday, July 24, 2009

A Tole Tale About A Chandelier

I think I finally found the chandelier for my daughter’s room. This was quite the arduous task since there were so many stipulations. First it had to be the right size and height because we have ridiculously low ceilings on the second floor where her room is, I am talking 8 feet (remember my house is 50 years old). Second, it had to be “reasonably” priced. If you’ve shopped for lighting lately you know what I mean. Light fixtures can get insanely expensive and since this is for my daughter’s room I was not about to drop a pile of cash. And third, it had to be tole style, but not gaudy. I like a balance of traditional and modern in my home and the chandelier needed to be a traditional element.

Whew! I searched high and low and I hope (fingers crossed) I have finally found one. I ordered it today from The cheapest place I could find it. It needs to fit and it better fit because if not there’s a 25% restocking fee. Yikes!

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