Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet tooth anyone?

Check out this over the top amazing birthday party for TV host Nancy O'Dell's daughter Ashby. My friend shared these pics with me that she found at my new favorite website, and their blog which you can read here.

The theme was Sesame Street and I think they did an amazing job without going over the top with cartoon character. YUMMY! When's the next party and can I come?

The favors. NICE!

Any party with a tower of cotton candy has got to be a smashing success. Am I right?


Amanda said...

I saw those jars for wonderful prices at Homegoods yesterday. I was so tempted. I think I may have to go grab some now!

Alejandra said...

Hmmm, good idea for next year!

melifaif said...

Very cute!! And original. Those doggie backpacks are a great deal at only $20.00. I was thinking of getting one for Layla next year.