Friday, May 18, 2012

Instagram Update

Hi friends!  I am alive, just been working on my other jobs - mom, wife, business owner.  So to fill you in, here's a little Instagram Update.  Which I love btw.  Christi Chase peaked my curiosity about this cool app and needless to say it's addictive.

Been doing a little shopping and I'm obsessed with my new Ikat shorts from the Gap.   

Also a little consumed with Dogeared necklaces.  Here's one my friend Michelle is wearing.

In spite of my hectic schedule, I made time to pamper myself.  I love my neon nails pedicure.

LOTS of mom duties like gymnastics class and school field trips.  She's itty bitty but she's mighty.

Also attended an amazing charity fundraiser for a very worthy cause, The Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research.  To learn more visit their Facebook page.

That's it folks!