Sunday, November 29, 2009

Win a Set of Vintage Barbie Fashion Prints

Have you been a long time admirer of these vintage Barbie Fashion prints by Robert Best?  I have always loved these gorgeous prints for my daughter's room, but not the price tag.  These collectibles sell framed only for $80 and up a print until now.

I spied the Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2010 wall calendar at Sam's Club for $7.88.  Yes you read it right, 12 beautiful 12 x 12 prints for only .65 cents each!  I stopped dead in my tracks and almost passed out I was so excited!  These prints would look stunning as a collection framed and matted in a girl's room and that's just what I plan to do with mine.

You can buy these calendars at any Sam's Club and or this week only you can win yours right here!  For your chance to win 12 gorgeous vintage Barbie prints from One Haute Kid just leave a comment and good luck!  The winner will be announced Thursday, December 3.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheap-on the-chic Winter Wear for Tots

A few adorable cold weather clothes arrived for my daughter today, some Old Navy buys that were worth every penny.  $30 to be exact with my friends and family discount.

She looks adorable in this and it's fully lined. 

And these are oh so cute!

I am over and out for the holidays.  I have been sewing like a crazy woman and need a break.  If you are waiting on bedding I promise, It's in the works and right around the corner.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Outdoor fabric for baby bedding? But of course!

I can't even begin to count the number of times I have used outdoor fabric to make custom crib bedding for my customers. Most people would never consider the textile for a child's room, but with the huge selection of stylish fabrics available today the possibilities are endless and very deceiving (in a good way).

Outdoor fabric is designed to not fade, wrinkle and resist stains. Hello, shouldn't ALL baby stuff be made from such a textile? Of course like any fabric not all are created equal and some outdoor options are better than others. Below are just a few I scouted online and a couple I have used a time or two.

So what on earth would you make for your child from outdoor fabric? Think crib skirts, fabric for the outside of your bumpers, bumper ties, window treatments, floor cushions and play mats, hampers and changing pad covers. I could go on and on…

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shower Flowers 101: Elegant and Simple DIY Arrangements

This past weekend I co hosted a shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends Sarah.  She's expecting a boy in January so it was time to eat cake and shower her with gifts.  It was my responsibility to handle the floral decor for the event and well, I am no Eddie Ross, but I must say they turned out lovely.  Each arrangement cost only $15 and they were also gifts for the mother-to-be, and grandmothers-to-be.  Below I share with you how I put them together. 

First I headed to Sam's Club to purchase 4 dozen roses for $40.  I stuck with one type of flower to keep the cost down and the arrangements simple.  I went with the orange since it seemed fitting for fall.  Costco is also a great place to buy flowers in bulk for cheap and FYI; you can place your order in advance with the florist and select the exact color roses you want.

Then I went to a grocery florist to buy the vases, large heavy rectangle vases for only $7 each.  When I got home I washed them and cut large leaves from the plants in my backyard to line the inside of the vases and hide the stems.  This gives the arrangements a polished and more professional look.

I then divided up the roses evenly and cut them to the desired height I wanted them to sit in the vases.  I also pulled off any wilted and unsightly petals and excess leaves around the stalk leaving only a few at the bud.

Then to get even more creative I headed back out to my yard and clipped a few branches from a bush that was producing orange berries.  I clipped the branches to the desired height and let the berries just kind of organically hang over the edge of the vase.  I also pulled some leaves from another rather large monkey grass bush and created random loops around a few buds that I secured with floral wire to add more fill to the vases. 

After I arranged each vase as I described above, I then worked the buds around until they sat as I had desired and filled the vases with water and a bit of flower food that came with the roses.  I've also been told you can add a little sugar to the water, but I've never tried this.    Here they are below all lined up and ready to go.  Almost.  I could have stopped here and they would have been just fine for the event, but I decided to take them a step further. 

Since I made the baby bedding for the mother-to-be I headed to my studio and grabbed a few scraps of fabric that I cut with pinking shears to give the edges a zigzag cut and prevent the fabric from fraying.  I wrapped each vase in a different fabric with coordinating ribbon and secured the fabric in the back with straight pins.  And last the most popular vase of all was the monogrammed one with the baby's last name initial.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and found some inspiration for your next dinner party or event!

Silhouette Pillows

Hello all!  I am back after a hectic week and have lots to share!  Starting with these awesome silhouette pillows from Aunt Bucky.  Just a little bit of the unexpected for children's rooms.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RH Baby and Child Friends and Family Sale!

Have you had your eye on something at Restoration Hardware Baby and Child?  Maybe a little something for Christmas?  Well here's your chance to buy it on sale during their Friends and Family Event November 12-16.  Use coupon code EFE0901 at checkout.  There are so many lovely things I could buy....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Lord Has Given and The Lord Has Taken Away

My very dear friend Rachel whom I've shared a few fun moments with you has recently suffered a great loss.  She lost her husband and partner in life, Alex.  Take just a moment to pray for peace and healing for her and her 3 year old son Griffin and pray for Alex's soul.  They are a deserving family who is loved dearly.

Alex and Rachel in Boulder Colorado.

On their wedding day.

Alex with Griffin.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Late Halloween Update

So...a little late, but here are few pics from Halloween.  Remember the Mermaid costume dilema post?  Read it here.  Here she is!  My precious baby was so excited to wear this costume.  Not sure why I chose a red top underneath.  Hmm...didn't think that one through very well.  I love that face!

Mom sporting the seaweed boa she wanted nothing to do with.

And here we are the weekend before at the Houston Zoo Boo with our friends Layla and Addison.  Check out my daughter's cute Halloween t-shirt from BabySister Designs

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frugal Friday on Thursday: Beautiful Bulletin for Baubles

One day early for your viewing pleasure.  I spied this gorgeous cheap and creative way to display baubles and trinkets from Peacock Feathers.   Love this idea for little girls and teens.  The designer took an Ikea bulletin board and wrapped it in muslin; cheap, chic and easy. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Posh Patterned Rugs that are Toddler Tough

I just purchased this rug below through for my kitchen breakfast area.  It's a Ballard Designs outdoor rug that I got for a steal with a $200 savings including $1 shipping!  Um hello...Ballard Designs charges an extra surcharge to ship this oversized item.  Overstock price with shipping and no taxes $75.99!

Everyone knows outdoor rugs are great for the outdoors, but I love a good outdoor rug for two main INDOOR purposes; the breakfast or kitchen cooking areas and children's play spaces. These posh polypropylene piles can take a serious toddler and baby beating. I've scrubbed spaghetti sauce out of these rugs and whoa la, good as new!

Right now Overstock has some serious cash saving deals if you've been pondering one for your home. Here are a few more Ballard Design favorites on super sale.   But go check it out for yourself, there are just too many to list.