Sunday, July 31, 2011

To what do my wandering eyes appear...

but a beautiful Amanda Talley pillow. That's right friends, you heard me; made out of her beautiful printed fabric. The hubby watched the girls today so I could have a productive Sunday afternoon that included visiting a few of my favorite shopping spots.

I was leisurely perusing MAI in Houston when my eyes landed on a beautiful Amanda Talley lumbar pillow. I have read about her new fabric line, but never seen it in person and let's just say I was aw struck. The fabric is so beautiful in person no photo does it justice.

The screen printing is so beautiful and saturated with color it looks like a real painting. Had it not been for the $300 price tag it would have come home with me immediately. Sigh...oh well, it was worth the 5 minute rendezvous we shared in the aisle of MAI.

Friday, July 22, 2011

And Baby Makes Four

Hello friends! Well it was a rough road getting here but we are finally home and I'd like you all to meet our little Sloane Sidney she is the sweetest baby and we all feel so blessed to have her. Big sister is of course crazy excited and super inquisitive.

As I said above, it was a rough road getting to this point because I had to stay a week in the hospital due to C-section complications. Sloane was healthy and strong but I on the other hand had to have a second surgery and two blood transfusions. That's just the tip of iceberg too, but I won't bore you with hospital details.

In other updates, Sloane immediately slept through the night and we are very, very grateful. I am on the mend and love my belly bandit. It’s my new post surgery BFF. My personal review; it's a definite mommy-must-have for C-sections. It actually helps with the incision healing and my doctor recommended it too. As far as firmer tummy results, it has helped with the "jelly belly" feel which I don't have this time around. Don't expect over night results the product does recommend 6 weeks of wear for best results.

And Lastly the hubby really out did himself this time. For the birth of our daughter and our 10 year anniversary he surprised me with this.
Let's just say mommy was very happy ;)