Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frugal Friday: It's as Easy as ABC and 123

Looking for some wall decor on the cheap?  Try flash cards or wall cards and bonus, their edcuational too.  These are fun inexpensive and an easy way to bring a pop of color to your kid's room or play space. 

Land of Nod has a great selections from modern and bontanical to vintage.

Etsy is also a great resource for unique and beautiful wall cards.  Bibbity cards and posters are huge in the blog world and it's obvious why.

Stylish Kids Room for Two

If you follow my blog regularly, it's no surprise how much I adore Christie Chase's work. So naturally when she featured a children's bedroom designed for two; boy and girl, of course I had to share. Check out her post featuring this stylish and modern room here and her flikr photos here

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am an Undercover Lover. Are you?

You will be once you check out this fabulous tutorial on how to make your own crate covers from Laura Gunn and her Paint in My Hair blog.  How beautiful are these DIY crate slipcovers?  I love them and definately need them in my life.  I have so many fabric swatches, sewing, craft supplies and kiddie stuff my house looks like it's in a constant state of chaos. 

If you can sew or have a crafty bone in your body try it out.  Laura even provides you with a step-by-step pdf instruction sheet.  Isn't that thoughtful of her?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mission Organization: The Mom Agenda

Do you have a Mom Agenda planner?  I do and I can't live without it.  I am thinking of getting this faux crocodile one for the 2009-2010 year.

Of course I struggle with this decision every year because I love so many of their colors. 

Or perhaps I should upgrade this year and get an All-in-One Folio.  I like these.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Me on a good day.

I recently invited my friend Karen to my home to photograph family and take a few professional shots.  I continue to be amazed by her talents.  Below is me on a good day.  Not like most days with no make-up, a ball cap, ponytail, t-shirt, jeans and an exhausted look on face.  For more pics and sneak peak into my home click here.  Thank you Karen for your friendship, patients and inspiration.

A Touch of Turquoise

I am very taken with the color turquoise lately.  Not too much turquoise but just a touch.  I think it’s ever since I bought the play table chairs for my daughter.  I love these rooms for the single bold statement.

Love only the turquoise walls.

Check out how added just a touch to the inside of her changing table/dresser.

Here are few more items if your looking to add just a touch.

Retro Kitchen

Step stool accent via

The Coming and Going Coat Rack from

A Morrocan Pouf from Tazi Designs

Turquoise Lamp from

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Heart This

I have been obsessing over the Paris Flea Market chandelier from Visual Comfort for a long time. The only thing that makes me question it's presence in my home is it's price tag. Gulp.

But then along came the Genevieve 12-Light Chandelier from Ballard Designs and suddenly it's a whole new ballgame.  Hmmmmm.....better price, but I can't get Paris out of my mind.

More Bang for Your Buck

Looking for a lot of bang for not a lot of buck?  Then check out the wicker wingback headboard at Pier 1.  This handsome piece is sure to make a statement in any kids room.  It's on sale for $199 and comes in a beautiful dark brown with antique silver finish.  If dark colors aren't your thing, paint it a bold color or classic white.  Either way you can't go wrong.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fabulous Blog Alert

I have to share with you a blog I have recently become obsessed with,  The writer takes random home decor items and does a comparison of the exact if not very similar item at different price points. 

For example, this post highlihts this beautiful chandelier from for $725.  Ouch!

And then she goes and finds it at for $119.99.  What?!?!?!  Can this be right????  The entire blog is full of crazy money saving finds like this one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be

Mmmmm!!!  This recipe book could come in real handy for a pregnant woman.  Buy it here and read more about it here

Friday, October 9, 2009

Frugal Friday: My Fabulous Flea Market Find

Happy Friday everyone! Today I thought I would share with you the cutest set of turquoise chairs I scored in Round Top last weekend. Having never been before I wasn't sure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased a few a great items and spent a total of only $70.

I bought these antique turquoise children's chairs for $15. That's right only fifteen bucks for both; that's cheaper than Ikea! I LOVE the color and the antique look next to her modern play table. I brought them home and gave them a good scrubbing and whoala! They were an instant success with my daughter.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bathroom Facelift Update: Wallpaper!!!!

Exciting things are happening here today. Wallaper is going up in the very tiny bathroom on the second floor. For a recap of the redesign click here. I am so excited! What a difference some wallpaper can make.  The paper is Ralph Lauren Lancast Damask in Citrine

Here is the before.  How about that brown tile?  Ugh!!!  Awful isn't it?

Yearly Halloween Costume Dilemma

Well friends it's that time of year again. Yes it's time to carve pumpkins, buy candy and figure out what the heck you’re gonna do for your kid’s Halloween costume. This year I asked my daughter what she wanted to be for Halloween and she actually gave me answer. Ariel, as in The Little Mermaid. I couldn't believe she was so matter-of-fact. Since she's only two and a half I decided I would revisit the topic again in about a week and see what she came up with. One week later the answer was still Ariel. Two weeks later, Ariel again.

So here we are a few weeks away from Halloween and I am hard-pressed to find an Ariel costume that will fit my petite sea princess. I know I could head to the Disney store, but I really don't want to drop $60 on a toddler costume. So I thought I could make one. Perhaps using this pattern below.

But then reality kicked in and I know I have no business trying to make a mermaid costume.  So I found this one and it fits sizes 3-4.  I know it will be too big, but I am hoping I can alter it to fit her.

Then one of these seaweed boas to accessorize would be cute.  And I am going to try and make her a seashell tiara and see how that turns out.

I asked my husband if he had any input and he suggested we all dress up.  He could be King Triton, Ariel's dad.


And I could be Ursala.

I looked at him like he was on crack.  Now I know he was teasing me, but I really wanted to smack him upside the head.  Men.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boutique Chic at Etsy

You don't have to live in a big metropolitan city to shop unique boutique styles.  My favorite place to shop for one of a kind items is  The Esty community is bursting at the seams with extremely talented artists and designers for adults and children. 

Recently Babysisterdesigns was brought to my attention and I was smitten with their line immediately.  My favorites are their cartwheel capris for girls and applique tees.  Check out the precious Halloween tees!

Fun and retro tees.

Casual but stylish capris, do they make these in adult sizes ;)

These looks are just a sneak peek of what's for sale in their Etsy store.  They are debuting their fall line Home Grown Vintage on October 15 in Lakeland Florida so check back often.