Monday, April 13, 2009

Stylish Storage for Kiddy Clutter

I once had a stylish and sophisticated abode worthy of dinner parties, cocktail gatherings and the occasional bridal or baby shower. Of course this was all B.C. (Before Child). My beautifully decorated home is now littered with toys, shoes, clothes and other random things thanks to my two year old. You would think I’d have thighs of steel with all the squatting, bending and lunges I constantly do picking up all the clutter.

Because of this I am always on a quest for stylish storage solutions. It gives me peace to see the clutter crammed in esthetically pleasing baskets, buckets and tubs. Below are a few I happened upon on my latest search for MORE storage.

I covet these Bradshaw Kirchofer toy boxes, but they are serious budget busters. Available at

Of course there is always old faithful Pottery Barn and Land of Nod.

Chic on the cheap options at

Or affordable custom work from

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