Monday, April 27, 2009

My Little Girl's Big Girl Room

I get a lot of customers requesting to update their daughter’s nursery to her new BIG GIRL room. Most of the time it’s to make way for their sibling baking in mommy’s belly and sometimes it’s because it’s time to move up and out of the crib.

Parents ask me a lot of questions about what the new room should have and how to create a room that will last well into their "tweens". I always advise them before they pick out fabrics, furniture and paint to take the time to plan the room’s layout.

First and foremost consider the architectural details of the room; its size, window placement, closets and door openings. As they grow so does the size of their stuff. Beds are bigger, nightstands become a necessity and they have more clothes and shoes. If the closet is small additional storage will be needed. Then list all the things you want your child’s room to have; a place to play and explore, hang with their friends and eventually study. After you’ve established the basics, dive into the aesthetics and make it a special retreat they’ll love for years.
Below is a perfect example of important elements of your growing kid’s new digs by designer
Amanda Nisbet.

A comfortable and inviting bed that can also act as a lounge area with friends.

The memo board is a great place to display their art and family photos when they are little and pictures of their friends as they grow. If space allows consider additional seating options for friends and yourself.

First comes the play table and book cubbies and eventually it will be time for academics. You may not need a desk right away, but plan ahead so you won't need to reconfigure the room when it's time to add one.

Don't forget lighting. Proper lighting is just as important as the bed. It can help set the mood of the room anytime of the day.

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melifaif said...

I love the design scheme you came up with for Layla's big girl room. And I have been leaning a little more towards a daybed, like in your blog. I love all of those bright colored pillows. I will need to get with you to do some extra special throw pillows for her room. Especially if we end up with a day bed!