Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Name Game

Well friends the time is almost here for my little bundle of joy to arrive.  I am trying very hard not to go into labor this weekend since my OB will be out of town, so we are kicking back and laying low. 

As for nesting news the baby's room is no where near done, but most importantly we have not selected a name.

We did the same thing with my first daughter; waited until the last minute and decided in the hospital.  For me choosing a name is such a huge responsibility.  It's the pressure of deciding what another person will be called for the rest of their lives. 

You also have to consider any funny nicknames that can be formed as a result of their name or what their initials will spell.  I have a huge baby name book that doesn't seem to be any help, just very overwhelming.  We've also searched the internet for some baby naming sites, but nothing has been truly helpful. 

This one site however was fun, The Baby Name Genie.  More entertaining than informative.

We've considered family names too.  But nothing really stands out. So here we sit still very undecided and stressed over naming our second child.  Any suggestions?


Melanie said...

My husband and I OBSESS over names. We talk about them all the time and we aren't even pregnant. A few names I have heard recently that I love...Marlowe, Reese, Blake, Sloane. Definitely not classic names, but still pretty :) Good luck!

melifaif said...

I don't know....Sloane comes to mind!?! Good luck....I know she will be precious and perfectly named! Can't wait to see her...lemme know if I can do anything to help. And I mean that....

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Hubby and I cannot decide on a name! We both finally decided we really like Ethan, but then found out it is the #2 most popular boys' name right now. I just don't feel like I can pcik such a popular name. Besides, his initials would be ED. Am I overthinking this or would it be weird for your initials to also be the shortened form of erectile dysfunction?

I use Nymbler a lot to try to find good names. It's like Pandora but for names (put in 5 you like and it picks others that I thinks you'll like).

We've got some time, but I am starting to get worried that we won't find a name we both really like.