Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everyone Needs A Little Animal Print

I am so excited to share this picture with everyone. We finally had our antelope runner installed on our wood stairs. The stairs are completely enclosed and access only the second floor which is all kid space. We wanted to add a runner with a fun print, something unexpected since you can't see it from the rest of the house.

I realize an animal print rug is not for everyone and I wasn't even sure it was for me, but then the idea grew on me and heck why not. These stairs have come a long way since we found them in their original state. You can see a before picture and progress pics I posted about here.

My interior designer insists every home needs one animal print somewhere.  So here's my somewhere.  It's super soft and perfect for sneaking upstairs to check on the kids. 


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simply seleta said...

LOVE!!!! You have achieved perfection ; )