Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions Are a Funny Thing

Inevitably a new year comes around and everyone resolves to make positive changes in their lives. Some are simple and realistic others ridiculous and completely unattainable. Nonetheless, the majority proclaim some sort of personal achievement for the New Year.

A few years ago I decided to make realistic goals for myself and spare myself the disappointment of not following through. Here’s a list of my 2011 New Year goals.

image via Lonny Magazine

1. Start sewing beautiful linens for my own home. Believe it or not I am the shoemaker with no shoes. I spend the majority of my time sewing gorgeous drapery and linens for my customers and as a result my windows are poorly dressed.

2. Have a HUGE tag sale that we have been putting off for about a year. I prefer to call them tag sales because garage sales sound so junky in my opinion. Over the past couple of years we’ve purged and updated our home and as a result we have piles of home accessories and furniture to sell. I have done my fair share of donating to the Salvation Army, but this go around it’s too much to haul so tag sale it is.

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3. Renovate my kitchen top to bottom. That’s right we are ripping her down to the studs and bringing her into this new millennium decade. Goodbye 1959, hello 2011.

4. Completely redecorate my daughter’s room and give her a proper big girl room.

These last two are the most precious resolutions to me.

5. Spend more quality time with my daughter and carve out special mommy and me moments as often as possible.

6. Have a healthy pregnancy and deliver this baby girl in my tummy that’s been growing for the past 14 weeks. Yep, I am prego and life is about to get a lot more hectic for my family. We are very excited and feel very blessed.

Happy New Year to all and best of luck with your resolution list. My one piece of advice, keep it simple and achievable.


Cocktails and Cupcakes said...

I am so excited that you are back to blogging. I found your blog in October and have loved all that you have posted. Congratulations and many you have a very healthy pregnancy!

Christie Chase said...

Congrats! How exciting...both the kitchen and the baby : )

Christie Chase said...

Congrats Vanessa! How exciting....both the kitchen and the baby : )

melifaif said...

Congrats on the baby girl news!!! Oh, and I hope I get V.I.P. treatment at the tag!!!!

Melanie said...

congrats on baby girl #2! I know of so many babies being born this year! I hope you are feeling great.

Lili said...

congratulations! love your work, btw...