Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awwww, thank you ladies!

A couple of fellow blogger mommies at Your Style Scout and Cocktails and Cupcakes (both inspirational blogs if you've never read them) game me a Stylish Blogger Award. I am very appreciative for the acknowledgement, and so to graciously accept this award here are 7 things you don't know about me and just a few of my own Stylish Blog nominees.

1. I love any and all Greek and Mediterranean food. Seriously get out of my way because I plan to chow down. When my husband and I were planning our honeymoon, we went to Greece so he could visit the beautiful country and I could eat!

2. I wanted for the better part of my life to be an actress. I love the performing arts and started my major in college in drama. But… I quickly realized I had no talent and made it my minor. So much for Hollywood!

3. My very first job ever was working in a movie theater selling tickets and working the concession stand. I bet #2 had a little something to do with this job choice.

4. I have a younger sister Denise and I swear we sound exactly alike. My mother can never tell us apart on the phone and when my sister leaves me messages it's scary how we even talk the same. When I listen to my own recorded voice it's even hard for me to tell us apart.

5. I am terrified and deathly afraid of roaches. Seriously, these bugs scare and disgust me and I will abandon my children and family if one is in a room. I am on a first name basis with my Terminex man.  Note no photo credit for these disgusting bugs.

6. I am 100% Hispanic and barely speak enough Spanish to get by if I were lost in Spain. Shameful I know, especially since both my parents are fluent. But hey, I can roll my R's just like Sophia Vergara.

7. I have never (knock on wood) broken a bone or had to have stitches. Crazy right? 36 years old and somehow I have managed to avoid these two things.  I hope I never have to experience them either.

Here are just a few blogs that inspire me everyday and who I'd like to pass this award on to.

1.  P is for Party
2.  La Dolce Vita
3.  Elements of Style
4.  Urban Grace
5.  Christie Chase
6. Meli Faif Life


Christie Chase said...

You're too sweet!

Cocktails and Cupcakes said...

You deserve it! Adorable blog!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Just saw this! Thank you Vanessa! I am so flattered. =) I am so glad I found your blog as well. Crazy we never realized each other had a blog for a while!