Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ultimate Crib Sheet - Does it live up to it's name?

So...I am curious about this Ultimate Crib Sheet accessory.  A lot of my clients want custom sheets for their cribs because they plan to use the UCS over their fancy custom made sheet.  I don't recall this when my daughter was born a few years back, but I am intrigued.  Apparently it makes changing the crib sheet a breeze and you don't even have to remove the bumpers or pull out the cumbersome mattress.  That's the ultimate crib accessory for someone who's barely 5'3". 


Rachel said...

I had one with G. I really liked it. It's not particularly pretty, but definitely makes changing the sheets much easier. Changing the actual sheet on G's crib entailed taking off and putting back on the bumpers, which was a real PIA because his bumpers had ribbon ties. No fun. I have one if you ever want to take a look at it! I think the only downsides are (a) not pretty and (b) I think die hard crib safety experts might not approve, but don't quote me on that!

Danielle said...

Hi - I'm a lurker this is my first time posting. I got the ultimate crib sheet with my first and hated it. It didn't fit right on our crib and I had to stretch the elastic tabs so tightly around the slats that I was afraid the snap was going to *SPRING* in the middle of the night and cut my baby's face (or hand or any other body part that was near it). So I took it back. Yes changing the crib sheet is a pain, but to me it's better than that ill-fitting thing.

I'll probably be the only one who says that though. We have a really weird crib with abnormally large slats. I can't imagine it does that on all cribs.

Adriane and Bryan said...

I love the UCS. It's not too pretty, just plain white, but it works wonderfully! Not only does it make changing the sheets a breeze, it is leak proof so any spitup or who knows what else won't leak through to the nice sheet underneath. I think you could make a lot of money making custom "ultimate crib sheets".