Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Cookbook for Kids

One of my favorite guilty pleasures in life is baking with my daughter. She loves to help and loves to bake. We bake often and most if not all of the recipes come from The Cake Mix Bible.  We're not fancy pants here when it comes to cooking.  We just like it to be fun and yummy and this book is the perfect cookbook for kids and their parents.

Why? Well simply put, it's really hard to mess up a dessert from this book and the recipes are easy and cheap. Every recipe contains one common ingredient a cake mix box of some flavor. I let my daughter, dump, measure and poor the ingredients (with my assistance of course) into the mix and help decorate the dessert when done.

Try it for yourself, I promise you'll form many wonderful memories over baked goods.

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Amanda said...

You need to get J in cooking at school! She will love it.