Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Snowing in Houston!!

A rare occasion indeed. See, not a lot, but enough to have fun.

Check out my kid's outfit.  We are in to dressing ourself these days and yes those are toe socks on her hands not gloves. I love her so much, such a free spirit.

And we made this little guy.  Remember as my friend Meli said, it's Texas snow. 


melifaif said...

It is Texas snow, but we'll take it ya'll!!! Have fun.

Angela said...

Love the little snowman! We live in Chicago and your snowfall today is more than we have had this season. My daughters can't wait for the first snowfall to build a snowman.

melifaif said...

Those are fantatstic pics. J is so sweet and original. I love it.