Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Decor & Crafts for Kids

I am taking a couple of weeks off from work so that I can thoroughly enjoy the holidays with my family.  This is also why the blog has been so LAME lately.  Sorry!  I have been swamped trying to end '09 with a clean finish. 

In preparation for my stay-cation I'll be enjoying with my loved ones, I was searching for some fun holiday crafts and ideas to help keep the toddler busy and out of trouble.  Leave it to none other than Martha Stewart to provide enless ideas of inspiration.  Below are just a few I found, but head on over to her site and check them all out here

Pipe Cleaner Ornaments - cheap, easy and perfect for their mini trees.  Here's a video how to.


Mini Snow Village - Entire village craft set available for older kids.

No Sew Holiday Aprons

"Limited Edition" Custom Made Gift for the Family

Candy Bugs and Critters

Button Wreath Ornaments - This one I already have a ton of supplies for ;)

Popcorn Wreath - Uh...yummy!

Paper Plate Angels

An Oldie but a Goodie - create their own gift wrap paper

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Swedie said...

Thanks for the ideas! Do you have a link to the mini snow village?