Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Place to Call Home

Currently my husband and I are house shopping and I would like to do a little venting. House shopping is so much harder than you initially realize. We have seen dozens of homes and it always seems to be the same story-too expensive, too much renovation work, a piece of junk, too small, bus stop behind the house, busy street, someone else buys the house, apartment community behind the house, you name it we’ve experienced it. I am so over house shopping. The only thing that keeps me going is my sweet love, my daughter Jacquelyn.

When we pull up to the open houses and stop the car her favorite thing to say is, “We’re home!” Some of the homes we’ve toured have had a few of these in the backyard.
Every time we step into the backyard and she spots the play system she lights up like it's Christmas morning. “Playground mommy, look playground!” she squeals. Ugh! The guilt! She’s only two but man can she lay it on thick.

Mommy’s trying to find you a home baby. Sigh.

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melifaif said...

Keep your head up lady! I know it can be discouraging, but you will find your fit. Good luck!