Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Five O’clock Somewhere

Every parent should have a few easy and delicious drink recipes stashed away for times of relaxation, drinks with friends or a dinner party. Please note-these are not intended for days when you are on kid duty. This margarita recipe is one you’ll want to file away for good. It packs a punch, but I promise it’s the easiest, tastiest margarita you will ever attempt to make at home. I’ve had several dinner parties where we have drank many pitchers (5 to be exact) in one night. Aahh, good times!

1 can of Sprite Zero (low calerie version)
1 bottle of Corona Light (low calerie version)
Tequila (even the cheap stuff is perfect)
1 can of Minute Maid Limeade

In a large pitcher empty the can of Sprite, bottle of Corona and Limeade. Fill the Limeade can to the top with water and empty into pitcher. Fill Limeade can ¾ of the way full with tequila and empty into pitcher. Stir and served chilled with ice. Wah lah, the best margarita you will ever make at home! By the way, this is not my recipe. I got it from a friend who I am sure got it from another friend. Enjoy.

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