Friday, March 13, 2009

Eye Catching Catchalls

Say hello to one of my new favorite things! I am in love with these gorgeous custom lucite trays that make beautiful catchalls for kids rooms. Okay, so the conventional use for these would probably be in a room more suited for adults instead of your child’s room-but what an unexpected and fun item for a nursery or toddler’s room.

Instead of the traditional diaper caddy, slide one of these beauties on your changing table to organize diapers, creams, lotions and whatnots. You can also place it on a side table next to your glider or maybe your child’s dresser. Wherever you choose they are sure to be a stunning accent.

I am always collecting piles or random items from my daughter’s room, but to have one of these awaiting my piles of nothingness would make me feel so organized and happy.
Visit for a full line of their designs.

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