Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gender Nuetral Brown & White Nursery Bedding

Another one bites the dust folks.  Here is the second of 4 crib sets I am deliverying this week.  As promised I have photographed it for your viewing pleassure.  The mother knows she is having a girl, but she wanted the bedding to be made of linen and elegantly understated. 

Her primary fabric was this gorgeous chocolate brown and white damask print and everything else was done in solid brown and white linen. 

Here is everything she ordered for the nursery, crib bedding, pillow for the glider and a quilt.

Here's just the crib set.

And here's the bedding when she converts the crib to a toddler bed.

I have more toddler bedding photos to share later this week.  By the way, I feel the need to clarify, that Jacquelyn Reese Baby, LLC does not recommend placing, bumpers, pillows or blankets of any kind in the crib when the child is in their infant stage.  These photos are strictly for photography purposes only and we recommend you discuss with your child's healthcare provider when it is a safe time add such items.  You can read more about our Child Sleep Safety recommendations here or visit SIDS.org.


Style Scout said...

So clean and so pretty! Normally I love more of a pop of color, but this is really sophisticated!

melifaif said...

You are so great! Love them all.

Jessica said...

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