Friday, September 4, 2009

Frugal Friday & DIY: Paper Doll Art

What do you do when you need artwork for your child's room and you have a budget of $30?  You get crafty and creative.  I had decided when we moved in June that I was going to make original artwork for my daughter's room with vintage paper dolls.  I found a site that sells reproduction paper doll books and they have just about very series every published. is stocked full of paperdoll assortments from celebrities and fashion, to vintage children's books.

I chose Natalie Wood (one of my favorite Hollywood actresses) and the entire project was very easy and took about an hour to complete.  Check it out, I am so pleased with the results.

Here's how to make your own.  I started with 4 empty picture frames and removed the wood back and matting.  I then glued down burlap fabric directly to the frame board using regular spray mount glue.  I used burplap because I had the scrap fabric left over from a previous project and I wanted the art to have a vintage look.  Plus the burlap makes me think of an old dressmakers form.

While I let those dry thoroughly I cut out the paper outfits and doll I wanted to use for the series of four.  This was the most time consuming party because I was very maticulous about my cuts.

I then did a dry fit of cutouts to ensure proper symmetry within the matted area before gluing. 
I also made labels that I printed off regular printing paper and used tiny fabic pins to enhance the overall look. 
When I was ready to glue everything down I used a regular old glue stick to secure everything.  Then I popped each board back into the frames and there you have it.  Chic on the cheap art for your child's room. 

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melifaif said...

I adore this project! Very unique and right up my alley! Genius!