Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Girl Bed for Our Fur Baby

Recently I made a new bed for our first born, our dog Bella. She's a sweet mutt from the local SPCA and she was queen-of-the-castle before my daughter was born. When Jacquelyn came along she was demoted to dog.

When we moved into the new house we trashed her old bed and I promised to make her a new one. Well...as we all know, life got in the way and Bella's new bed quickly became an old thin blanket. Poor Bella. She's had it a little rough the past few years compared to the sweet life she used to live.

Lucky for her I spied some beautiful outdoor fabric that coordinated with our bedroom perfectly. I had decided that if I was going to make the bed it was at least going to be aesthetically pleasing to rest of our master bedroom decor.

I purchased a 30"x30" down filled pillow and sewed a simple envelope close pillow cover with a knife pleat edge. It's stylish and the outdoor fabric makes it easy to clean. So what do you think?

Aaahhh, the sweet life again. I think she's happy.


melifaif said...

An adorable pillow for anyone, let alone a sweet little puppy dog! You hit the jackpot with this one, Bella! Fab fabric...

Style Scout said...

oh your puppy looks so happy!!!! Great pillow!