Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There has got to be a cheaper way!

Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a few days, work has me chained to the sewing machine lately. Anywho, I was searching for inspiration for my daughter's play area in our game room and I found these for $680!!! Geez!!

I don't know about you all but $680 for a table and two chairs for my kid is too much. So I got to thinking, can this simple Ikea table and chairs below look the same with an artistic eye and paint? $39.99 for a table and two chairs is a lot easier on the pocket book.

I bet my friend Melissa could make this Ikea table look worthy of a $680 price tag. She's an uber talented artists who paints canvas artwork for children. I HOPE you'll be seeing her Etsy shop up soon.

So am I wrong? Is this too much to pay for a play table and chairs?

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melifaif said...

I am glad you thought of me....I could totally paint that for Miss J!!! Exactly. How. You. Want. It. Let me know...thanks for the sout out! I need to get on that and stop messin around...