Monday, May 25, 2009

Things are Looking Up!

In the world of ceiling fans that is. I found this design tip in my recent InStyle magazine, June 2009 issue. It’s all about how to add a pop of color to an otherwise blah feature. I love this idea since I am not really a fan of fans-okay bad joke. But I love this chic on the cheap way to make them a showpiece.

I live in Houston where it gets hot! I mean tropical island, high humidity, body swelling from the heat hot! So I also understand that sometimes ceiling fans are a necessity. We are in the process of buying a home with freakishly low ceilings in some of the rooms (by the way, I am so excited and plan to share all my reno/decorating projects, but more on that later). And I think painting a ceiling fan a cool color just might be what we need in the game room. Hmm…I’m gonna need to think this one over. Click on the image below to enlarge and get the how to. Enjoy!

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. Vacation got the best of me, literally!

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melifaif said...

I am guessing it must have been HOT down there!!! You - ceiling fans? What?!?! You won't get it - but, we are soooo on the same page! I was just thinking about you and ceiling fans...strange. I know.