Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peplum Perfection

Friends, I am beside myself excited about my new lace peplum blouse from Zara.  So many things about this top gives me goose bumps.  First, it's three fall trends in one.  How fabulous is that?  Lace,  check.  Peplum, check.  And red, check.

Zara.com does not do this blouse justice.  The lace detail is spot on and thick.  Not a cheap flimsy lace that sometimes can totally ruin an otherwise beautiful blouse. 

And the back has brass button details.  Love!

Of course, you know if Ms. Olivia P. is wearing it, it has to be fabulous. 

Olivia Palermon Leo
Image via

I love my new fabulous, amazing, redonkulous totally amazeballs blouse!  Now where do I wear it to?


Melanie said...

ok, now I am completely obsessed. I need this in my life. Did you get it online?

Snow Bruce said...

Choose the right color to wear can be really difficult, but seems that you understand the skills very well, those red one looks really great! I like the black chain strap bag and hope you like it too! :)

melifaif said...

Hmmm....idk? Maybe wear it to come visit me? I miss you...

Christi Bennett said...

Ha! I bought the top this weekend!