Friday, July 27, 2012

Aztec Secret to Beutiful Skin

Are you looking for a cheap face cleanser and new beauty tool to add to your beauty regime?  Look no more.  You need to try Aztec Secret natural clay mask.  I first heard of this gem via Sheridan French and her praises for the product peaked my curiosity. 

After some research, turns out this stuff is legit and amazing for only $7.  I bought mine at Whole Foods, but you can order yours here.

As it says on the jar, you can feel your face pulsate as the natural clay dries into a hard mask and stimulates circulation.  It leaves your face feeling soft, smooth, clean and shiney.  Not an oily shine, but a glow of healthy skin and it clears out and minimizes pours. 

Here's what it looks like when you apply it.  Thick and pastey.

Here's the after.  Eek, me with no makeup!  But my face feels fresh and clean.

I strongly recommend you try it, it does not disappoint.  The jar will last you a long as a little goes a long way.


melifaif said...

I am going to try this. You look amazing. But you always do.

Christi Bennett said...

You look so cute! =)