Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's A Barbie Party!

The time has come for my oldest daughter's birthday party and this year we are having an all girl Barbie pajama party.  I am super excited because I've got Christi from P is For Party helping and the invites and party paper goods by Kelly from WH Hostess

Here's the invite

Oh, and did I mention we have Barbie coming?  Oh yes, the "real Barbie". 

I don't know who's more excited mommy or the birthday girl!


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...


melifaif said...

Hush your mouth V!!!! We got our invite in the mail last night and I read to Layla. And she knew it was a pajama party, but then she heard Barbie. And said, "You've GOT to be kidding me!?" lol...we are excited too.

K Davis said...

Happy Birthday Jacquelyn!