Friday, March 4, 2011

Renovation Realities: Cabinets Take Shape & Countertops

Lot of fun progress this past week. The cabinet builder started framing everything out and we picked the stone countertops. The outer countertops that line the walls will get a honed carrera marble and the island will be soapstone. The backsplash will also be a honed carrara subway tile.

I always wanted a honed marble for the counters, nonnegotiable, but to have soapstone too! It’s a dream come true. I never thought my husband would agree to both as they are on the high maintenance side.

When we picked the stones I gave him three options of my favorites and didn’t tell him which was which. His options were, slate, soapstone and honed granite. Lucky me he picked soapstone!

I am super excited to share the progress over the next couple of weeks. We’ll be picking paint, lighting, seating options and heading towards the finish line.

Countertop Pics

Remember these cute basket? Love them in my mud cubbies.

Kitchen without the island.  That's the new range hidden under the blanket.


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I am so jealous! =) My next house will for sure have carera marble and possibly soapstone! I'm sure you are a fan of the Somethings Gotta Give House?!

sheaggy3 said...

I am so glad you are posting more! Yours is the first blog I ever read and have always been faithful. I am enjoying the renovations, can't wait to see the end results! Thank you!