Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Artwork

I am working on artwork for the kitchen and am pondering a few pieces that have recently caught my eye.  The first is this beautiful 40"x40" photography print on Etsy by Carl Christensen.

Who says you can't have a fun photograph in your kitchen.  Does kitchen artwork have to be about food?  I like the subtle pop of color with the orange and fun casual feel it brings.  I want my kitchen to be fun and casual.

I also like this one for all the same reasons, fun, casual, muted colors.

Next up is this bleach wood starburst mirror from Ballard Designs.  I really like the muted color of the wood, but I also feel like I need to take a twelve step program and move away from the starburst. 

Or maybe something weathered and old like this Wisteria window pane

What would you hang in your kitchen?

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Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I love the piece of art! No, I don't think kitchen art needs to be about food AT ALL. And I need to go to sunburst mirror rehab as well. =)