Thursday, June 4, 2009

My sister rocks!

In case you didn’t know, my sister is awesome! She moved to Hoboken, New Jersey about two years ago to work in the big city. She landed a sweet job for the Swatch Group doing PR for Longines watches. Whenever you see a Longine watch in a magazine or sponsorship, that’s her handy work. She loves her job and all the perks that come with living and working in NYC. Sometimes I get to benefit from the perks too. Denise, my sister, got an email announcing a sample sale for Tory Burch. Being the thoughtful sister that she is, she immediately emailed to let me know she would be attending and was there anything I wanted. So naturally I sent her list of items to scout for me. Tory Burch 60-80% off of course I want something! Tunics, Reva flats, heels and handbags please.

Sunday morning I got a call bright and early because Denise was standing in line with about hundred other ladies with her GI-NORMOUS Ikea-like net tote ready to shop for 6 different people including her. After 7 hours, $1,200 worth of clothing and accessories, dozens of phone calls to and from and what Denise described as the craziest shopping experience she ever had, she walked away with some serious steals.

So…what did I get? Well…since you asked I got two beautiful tunics and a tote; a moderate amount of merchandise since I am renovating a home. I could have gone crazy but after those three items I had to tell my sister not to call me anymore, I can’t afford it!

Thank you Denise!!! You are the best!

My navy and white tunic $275 retail; sample sale $85! My pink, black and green tunic $275 retail; sample sale $85!

My white PVC tote $250 retail; sample sale $90! And my friend Laura’s green tote $250 retail; sample sale $90. I wanted the green tote too, but I made a sacrifice for my friend who LOVES green. ;)

Here are few pictures from today. That's me hard at work tearing up old parque floors. Ugh, it's exhausting. I work on the house during the day and sew at night. I am pooped! Also, our hardwoods arrived today. I am so excited. 5" wide handscraped Potomac Plank from Lumber Liquidators. Yay!!!! See ya ugly blue carpet!

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melifaif said...

Luck more ways than one. You look fab, even tearing up old parque. And I love the tunics!!!