Monday, June 25, 2012

Coach Fall 2012

Coach is launching a new line for fall 2012 by revamping several of it's old Legacy classics and I say it's about time!  I've grown tired of the same old monogrammed in your face C designs and have longed for more classic elegant styles.  They've kept the sturdy smooth leather and clean lines and added a rainbow of new colors and oversized clutches.  I'm loving the cobalt blue, kelly green and orange bags. 

I'm in need of a good crossbody bag and I've been eyeing the Classic Shoulder bag in orange, but I just might have to wait and preview the new line when it launches August 1.  Here's a peak, I think you'll be excited too.

I'm really excited about the oversized Universal  Envelope Clutch seen on several celebrities at their launch party.  I'm jonesing for the Kelly green one.

Here it is again in silver carried by Jordana Brewster.  Olivia Munn is holding a new clutch as well.

Jessica Stroup carried it in their famous british tan color.  Isn't it fabulous?  Big and elegant.

And Here's a preview of the new line thanks to  To see more click on the link.


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Rachel said...

oooh. I couldn't agree more with the overuse of the logo. I love all these!