Monday, December 12, 2011

A Totally Awesome 80s Evening

This past Saturday night I attended an 80s Christmas party for Lights in The Heights.  It's an annual holiday event The Heights neighborhood holds every year for families to stroll the streets with holiday cheer and gear. 

Every year my friend Nancy holds a costume party to celebrate the event and this year it was Rockin' 80s.  At first my husband was going to attend, but at the last minute it ended up being an all valley girl evening and a totally rad one like fur shure!

Here are a few of me and my BFFs dressed in head to toe 80s attire.  Would you believe we got 90% of our outfits from Forever 21?  It's part of their Heritage 1981 line.  This was all before we busted out the Karaoke machine and jammed to Madonna, Wham, Run DMC, Rick Springfield and so many more 80s classics.

I would like to introduce you to Rachel, the pretty blonde working the retro curls ala Kelly Preston.  Then on my other side is Laura who brought back her middle school perm and sky high bangs with the lace hair bow.  I chose to rock the side pony with neon and lace tights. 

I seriously love my lace tights.  Despite their hideousness they did a great job camouflaging cellulite.  Ha!

Here I am with my 80s button flare and electric blue eye shadow to stroll the streets full of merriment and my reindeer rodie.

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melifaif said...

Hush your mouth!!!! Love this. lol....I just wish I could have been there. You and Laura and Rachel!!!! Look totally radical. Pure fun....and zip it on the cellulite. Whatev. You do not....