Sunday, July 31, 2011

To what do my wandering eyes appear...

but a beautiful Amanda Talley pillow. That's right friends, you heard me; made out of her beautiful printed fabric. The hubby watched the girls today so I could have a productive Sunday afternoon that included visiting a few of my favorite shopping spots.

I was leisurely perusing MAI in Houston when my eyes landed on a beautiful Amanda Talley lumbar pillow. I have read about her new fabric line, but never seen it in person and let's just say I was aw struck. The fabric is so beautiful in person no photo does it justice.

The screen printing is so beautiful and saturated with color it looks like a real painting. Had it not been for the $300 price tag it would have come home with me immediately. Sigh...oh well, it was worth the 5 minute rendezvous we shared in the aisle of MAI.

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