Friday, February 4, 2011

Locks of Love

My daughter was blessed with a full head of hair from the first day of life. She never lost a hair or rubbed a bald spot and so her hair grew and grew and grew. We've had several haircuts and this last time we decided together, yes Jacquelyn and mommy, to grow it out for Locks of Love.

When I explained to her that growing her hair long and donating it to Locks of Love meant a special child who was sick would get her beautiful hair for a wig, she was on board 100%. Finally the day came after what seemed like months waiting for those last few inches to grow.

Here are few before and after pictures, I think I was more emotional about the cut then she was.

At home before we left.

So much hair to donate.

Right before the haircut.  She looks excited; or could that be nervous energy?

Haircut in action.  She was such a good sport the entire time.

The After at the salon.

The after at home.  After I took a round brush to it.

This is her My Hair Rocks! pose.

She says sometimes she misses her long hair, but she's happy she could help someone else.  I am so proud of my snuggleboo!


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

She looks so cute and she will love looking back at these and learning what she did when she grows older!

PS - Got your e-mail! I'll write soon!

melifaif said...

She is an awesome almost 4 year old!!! She looks adorable both ways. That is fantastic....

Christie Chase said...

That is really awesome that she did that, and that you encouraged her to give!