Friday, September 24, 2010

What a Lovely Lady: After Photos of Our Home Exterior

Here are some updated pictures of our major home elevation renovation.  My apologies for the long overdue reveal.  The project has actually been complete for a few months.

This home was built in 1959 and while it has great bones, the archicture of the home was seriously lacking.  Here are few befores:

As you can see the house looked like it was sinking because it was covered by a brick pony wall and large shrubs.

Behind the brick wall was a garden of weeds and more weeds accented with gravel.

The front door; not very welcoming.

And here is the After!  As you can see we knocked down the brick wall and removed all the existing overgrown plants.  The outside was completely resided and everything was painted Martin Senour Linen Weave.  We also added new cedar wood shutters and metal hardware to the second story windows and painted them Gaunlet Grey by Sherwin Williams.

Pulling down the wall gave us added bonus space for a proper front porch.  We had Pennsylvania Bluestone installed to give the porch a solid foundation and expand the overall footprint.  The chairs are from Ikea with custom outdoor pillow-makes for a great spot to enjoy a glass of lemonade or an afternoon cocktail.

We completely overhauled the front door by removing the old door and centering the new one with side lights.  This made the front porch more symetrical, and with the custom gas lanterns and planters much more inviting.  The door is painted Showstopper Red by Sherwin Williams and all though the picture is a little dark, the color is a gorgeous red.

A few other fun details are our new doorbell and mailbox. 
(Can't figure out how to turn these photos in blogger photo uploader.  Very annoying)

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our home exterior!


Shae said...

Your house looks so amazing! I can't believe the transformation. Jack was born and I need to get you a picture of him in his crib with his bumpers. They look so cute and everyone loves them!

melifaif said...

It looks fabulous, just as I knew it would be with you in When can I come over for that afternoon cocktail on the lovely porch?!?!!! It has been far too long my dear friend. I miss you.

Christie Chase said...

This is really an unbelievable transformation from what you started with. You must love driving up your driveway and coming home. It is beautiful!

Christie Chase said...

What a transformation from what it looked like before! You must love coming home. It is really beautiful!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

love, love, love! Especially the red door!