Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little Mommy and Me Time at the Roller Rink

We've been back from vacation one week and things are back in full swing.  I've been working long days all week and the inevitable mommy guilt bit me hard this week.  Jacquelyn has been such a trooper so today we took the morning off to have some fun.

We met some friends at the nearby roller rink for Preschool Skate and my little munchkin impressed me big time.   She did so awesome for her first time on skates. 

Here she is figuring out her skating legs on carpet.

Of course she fell down a couple of times at first. 

But in no time she was up and moving.  I love the skatemates you can rent too; worth every penny.

If we keep this up I may have to invest in these, with the pink pom pom of course!

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melifaif said...

Oh my word!?! I have been thinking of taking Layla, and now I KNOW I am. That is precious. Love how her bow is matching those hideous orange skate wheels...some things never change, huh? I love it! So. How many times did YOU fall?