Friday, June 11, 2010

A Few Things That Make This Friday Extra Special

I have a big smile on my face today because my exterior home renovation is nearing an end tomorrow. My new sprinkler system is in and the Pennsylvania Bluestone patio and plants are going in! No more mud, weeds and dirt for me!

Also, check out my daughter's new play system for our backyard.  She's visiting her grandparents this weekend but she'll be so happy and surprised on Sunday when she comes home.  This gives me the biggest smile. 

My beautiful plants awaiting their new home.

And my surprise gray glazed terracotta pots that I got for a steal!  The gray matches my gray shutters perfectly which makes me very happy.  I am going to plant round boxwoods in them and they'll sit under the gas lanterns. 

Have a great weekend.  Final pics to come next week.

1 comment:

melifaif said...

Oooo-wee!!! Fancy pants! I love it...and Layla will love that playyard! Let us know when we can come and visit. Miss you much.